2Flyer Screensaver Builder Pro


Software that creates screensavers with nearly 300 transitions


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2Flyer Screensaver Builder Pro is an application that lets you create screensavers using resources that come from many different sources.

Using this program you can build screensavers using images, music, video, flash, even websites!

One of this tool’s most interesting features is the number of transitions it includes, a whole 290 of them. The screensaver's output format can be both SCR or EXE.

2Flyer Screensaver Builder Pro also lets you include other elements, such as flash movies, video sequences, radio and tv streaming, and even entire websites (including any embedded Java applications).

Other than that, you can also create a customized icon for your screensaver, decide what type of installation you want and select the right options; how original it ends up being is up to you.

30 day trial version.

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